What Public Officials have said........

Posted on the State Municipal League’s Message Board:
I highly recommend Len Wood as a workshop speaker. He did two one-day programs for us last year: Performance Measurement and Guarding the Public Checkbook. He’s a former city manager located in California. Loads of practical advice for both staff and elected officials. Call me if you need more.
--Carol Greene of Association of Washington Cities, 1999.

One of the most worthwhile workshops I’ve attended on finance. Len Wood makes good sense and gives you the tools to evaluate your organization’s financial matters and implement change.
--Deborah A. Shelton, Council Member, City of Lancaster, California

The workshop was excellent. It’s obvious the seminar leader, Len Wood, has a wealth of experience relevant to the concerns of any elected official. The handbook is particularly useful.
--Sants Contreras, Council Member, City of Kirkland, Washington

The workshop allowed me to make informed suggestions for the preparation of next year’s budget.
--Madolyn L. Agrimonti, Mayor, City of Daly City, California

At last, after your financial workshop, I feel competent in evaluating a city budget! It was easily understood, logical, and ingeniously presented.
--Virginia Wyatt Denney, Council Member, City of Perris California

After 35 years in private industry, I find the public sector to be inefficient in many ways. Your workshop helped me understand some of the reasons for this. I hope to be more patient and not so autocratic.
--Ron Cook, Director, Alpine Springs County Water District, Tahoe City, California

There seems to be no real alternative to learning public agency financing than just jumping in with both feet. Len’s responsibility workshop has brought clarity and reason to such mysteries as budgets, investment reports and audits. Its direct, relevant and user friendly...even to the novice.
--Michael Singer, Council Member, City of Lancaster, CA

As an elected official Len Wood’s seminar provided an opportunity to listen and discuss the budget process from various perspectives. Both his seminar and book made this subject comprehensive and manageable.
--Joanne Baltierrez, Mayor, City of San Fernando, California

I found the Elected Official’s Financial Responsibility Workshop to be enlightening and I am sure I will wear out the Elected Official’s Handbook.
--Noreen O’Regan, Council Member, City of Fairfield, California

Excellent Workshop that clearly delineated the roles and responsibilities of an elected official regarding financial matters. I’s recommend it to any newly elected official entering into their first budget cycle.
--Lorelie S.Olaes, City Council Member, City of Carson, California

Hardy amen to your gospel of fiscal propriety. The Elected Official’s Financial Responsibility has set a standard of excellence to which all politicians should aspire if we are ever to reverse our free fall down the fetid sewer of economic disaster.
--Ruth Sterling, Vice Mayor, City of La Mesa, California

Thank you for the great job you did on our City Council Team Building and Goal Setting Workshop. I think it is working for us.
--Jim Hansen, City Council Member, City of San Fernando

Thank you for having conducted the best Commissioner’s Workshop the City of Commerce has ever had. I have received nothing but excellent comments about your work from the workshop participants. I appreciate the professional and responsive manner in which you prepared for the workshop by meeting with City staff, City Council and Commissioners. The Commissioners workshop was very organized, achieved the goals we set for the workshop, and kept all the participants active. The workshop left everyone feeling good about their participation and about the value of the weekend effort.
--Louis Shepard,City Administrator, City of Commerce

I would like to express our thanks for the excellent program that you conducted. I received nothing but outstanding comments regarding our session. Through the exercises and the materials provided, we now have an improved understanding and perspective of our roles and responsibilities. Perhaps, most important was the understanding of team dynamics, the importance of working as a team, and the challenges that are before us as we mature through the various stages of team development.
--Richard Burtt, City Engineer, City of Torrance