Program Lengths: One-half day, one day and two day modules

Target Group: This program is for staff members of public agencies who are required to prepare and implement performance measures.

Description: Dwindling reserves are forcing local governments to make hard choices about the mix of services provided to the public. To help make these decisions, local governments are relying on performance measurement. In the rush to develop a performance measurement program, some local governments have made fatal mistakes. This program helps agencies develop and implement a successful performance measurement system or fix a broken one.

Topics include:

  • Developing a performance measurement system - ten key steps
  • Creating useful goals
  • Identifying programs that should be measured
  • Avoiding the pitfalls associated with performance measurement
  • How to develop an outcome oriented performance objective
  • Developing demand and workload measures
  • Developing efficiency measures
  • Developing effectiveness and outcome measures
  • Hard lessons learned from using measures and objectives

If desired by the agency, Len Wood will evaluate participant created objectives and related measures during the workshop.

Len Wood has provided performance management training to one of the largest governments, Los Angeles County with over 70,000 employees to the smallest, Signal Hill, with 70 employees. While packaging and reporting vary, the basics of performance measurement apply to all governments, regardless of size.