Topic: How to Grow Great Employees

Program Lengths: One-half day, one day and two day modules

Target Group: This program is designed for public sector employees and supervisors who:

  • Have been promoted with little or no management training
  • Need to fine tune basic management skills
  • Are first time supervisors
  • Have been promoted to supervisor
  • Want to be managers

Description: This workshop helps current, new and proposed supervisors become more effective in carrying out their management responsibilities.

Topics include:

  • How to become a better supervisor
  • The seven most important supervisor responsibilities
  • How to determine your supervisory authority limits
  • When and how to build your team
  • How to improve communicates with your boss, peers and subordinates
  • How to prepare a basic budget for your unit
  • How to deliver a successful employee evaluation
  • How to present your budget to bosses and community members
  • When and how to ask for help

Resources: This program is co-facilitated by Len Wood and Jane Holcomb, Ph.D. Participants use the “Little Budget Book: A Portable Budgeting Guide for Local Government” and “Developing Charlie” as workshop resources. Books are provided at a discount to sponsoring agencies.