Topic: Issues Professional Managers Face

Program Lengths: One-half day, one day and two day modules

Target Group: This program is limited to top level managers in public agencies such as city managers, general managers, department heads and top level assistants.

Description: Public agency administrators operate in a technical and political environment that is just as demanding and probably more complex than the private sector. This workshop has been created for local government managers interested in broadening their leadership knowledge and skills. While there are numerous training opportunities available to public agency supervisors, there are few management opportunities for top level managers and executives. Topics include:

  • Dealing with elected official pressures and issues
  • Understanding and carrying out the chief administrator's direction
  • Improving colleague communications
  • Taking control of your organization
  • Tough disciplinary issues
  • Establishing your vision
  • Communicating your visions
  • Dealing with staff game playing
  • Celebrating as a leadership technique