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In between consulting and training assignments, Len Wood serves as an interim city manager or department head. He has extensive experience and can come in and help calm the waters while keeping the important projects moving. Len is known for having excellent financial, budgetary and team building skills. Email us for more information.

You’ve Lost Your City Manager...
City managers leave for a variety of reasons--another job, retirement or encouraged departure. Having no leader brings about a period of trauma for an organization. The grapevine becomes active and a general feeling of insecurity develops. Power struggles may arise and morale can plunge. This can occur even if the departing city manager was a superstar.

Anxious Times
Intense pressure develops. The city council must do something now. The temptation is to designate a department head or an assistant as the acting city manager. This relieves the immediate pressure but it may lead to new and more difficult problems.

Inhouse Appointments
An inhouse appointment, even though temporary, provides the designee quite an advantage over other candidates, inside and outside the organization. Applicants may view the action as a signal that the job is “wired” and that the council is just going through the motions.

Once designated as an acting city manager, it is very difficult for that person to go back to their old position if they are not the successful candidate. It is also quite difficult for the council to tell the inhouse applicant, “Sorry, you didn’t make it.”

The Alternative: Len Wood
Many local governments avoid the quagmire by using an interim city manager. A true interim is just that…a temporary city manager who is experienced, professional and competent. The interim should commit to the city council and staff that he or she is not seeking the permanent position.

Len Wood has served in the following cities as Interim City Manager while the permanent City Manager was hired:
City Dates Position
City of Hemet March 2008-August 2009 City Manager
City of Signal Hill April 2007-February 2008 Deputy City Manager
City of Goleta December 2005-September 2006 City Manager
City of La Palma October 2000-September 2001 City Manager
City of Ontario August 1999-September 2000 Human Resources Director
City of Colton July 1997-
January 1998
City Management/Redevelopment Director
City of Signal Hill December 1996-
July 1997
City Management/Redevelopment Director
City of La Palma February 1995-
August 1995
City Management/Redevelopment Director
City of Bell April 1988-
July 1988
City Management/Redevelopment Director