A Portable Budgeting Guide for Local Government
By Len Wood

The Little Budget Book is part of the Little Handbook series and is a compilation of practical ideas, concepts, questions and checklists for people who prepare, evaluate and implement public agency budgets. New budgeters will find it invaluable as a learning aide. Seasoned budgeters will find it to be an excellent reference source for ideas and checklists.

The Little Budget Book is divided into five sections:

Budget Overview covers overall trends and types of budgets.

Preparing Budgets identifies issues and steps in putting together a credible budget.

Analyzing Budgets discusses evaluation approaches and analytical techniques.

Budget Savvy covers the behavioral aspects of budgeting.

Budget Techniques covers tools such as trend analysis, discounting, rounding and depreciation.

The Little Budget Book is being or has been used as a primary or secondary text by several universities including the University of Southern California, University of Illinois, Indiana University, University of Texas, San Antonio, North Carolina State University, University of Rhode Island, University of California, Berkeley, University of Iowa, University of Southern Florida, Springfield College and Grand Valley State University. In Canada the University of Alberta, University of British Columbia and the Henson College of Public Affairs.

This book is an excellent source and checklist for people who prepare, evaluate and implement public agency budgets and for elected officials who would like to better understand the budget process.
–The Innovation Group, Tampa Florida

I use this book for teaching university level courses in budgeting and finance for government officials. It has been very well received and I urge all government officials to read this exceptional primer on governmental budgets. Highly recommended.
--A reader from San Clemente submitted to

Excellent source on local government budgeting. Concise insights from someone who knows governmental budgeting. Five Stars.
--Western Governmental Research Association Quarterly: January, 1994

This book serves as a technical guide and reference for those involved or interested in local government budgeting. The author uses his two decades of budgeting experience to present definitions, facts, policies, issues, problems and words of wisdom. This book provides useful information for the first-year budget analyst, as well as the seasoned budget manager, on budgeting trends, different budget types, program goals and objectives, performance measures, budget analysis and evaluation, budget controls, budget forms, budget presentations to elected officials and trend analysis.
--Government Finance Review, December 1993

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  • Size: Portable size, 7 1/4 by 4-1/4 inch
  • Cover: Vinyl
  • Binding: Loose-leaf ring binder
  • Pages: 180• Price: $29.95
  • Publication Date: 1993
  • Most Recent Reprint: January 2000
  • ISBN: 0-9634374-1-0
  • Publisher: Training Shoppe

By Len Wood

Price: $29.95