Reprinted from Elected Officials Little Handbook

If you don’t really care about working cooperatively with your colleagues, here are some surefire ways to agitate them:

  1. Attempt to dominate meetings.

  2. Cut off statements of colleagues.

  3. Magnify errors of colleagues.

  4. Make fun of colleagues’ statements.

  5. Tell colleagues that they are wrong.

  6. Insist upon pontificating.

  7. Appeal directly to the audience.

  8. Amend a motion to soften it and then don’t vote for it.

  9. Don’t show up at scheduled meetings or events.

  10. Request a special meeting and fail to attend.

  11. Commit to a position before the meeting.

  12. Take individual credit for group accomplishments.

  13. Fail to really listen to colleagues.

  14. Pressure colleagues to take a position before the meeting.

  15. Pack the meeting for pressure purposes.

  16. Violate a colleague’s confidence.

  17. Covertly use the media to achieve your agenda.

  18. Force a vote on a key issue before the group is ready.

  19. Criticize staff in public.

  20. Fail to prepare for meetings.